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Stained In Blood And Honey

Hello and welcome to my quaint cranny in the vast ocean of OSR content, glad to have you here! As my introductory post, I'll be showing off the first adventure I've ever made, Stained In Blood And Honey. As some backstory, I'm pretty new to the OSR scene and have been lurking for a while. With the recent shutdown of Google+, I've broken my lurking status by introducing myself to Chris McDowall's Discord Server (all of you should join it, it's a great little community) and have introduced my first piece of content to the world.

So far Stained In Blood And Honey has gotten good reception (which I wasn't expecting, being so new to the RPG scene as a whole, and especially new to the OSR scene) If you need a solid hook, the adventure has:

  • Very little prep time needed to run (the adventure is only 3 pages, including the addendum content that is completely optional to use)
  • 3 tables for when you need to know exactly who that poor disposable hireling is or what interesting mutation you should inflict on that player who totally had it coming
  • Unfortunate little manservants
  • Eldritch dealings
  • Shitty human beings
  • A disgusting dungeon crawl
  • Bees, oh my Gods so many bees

So, introductory meandering aside, here it is:

A decorative bee (Jess Chen)

Generally, for the future of this blog, I will attempt to post about once every week (usually around the weekends, with school taking up most of my time) My posts will mainly be gameable content, like this adventure or tables and such, and play reports of the things I make (the reports are easier to make and should come more frequently, there is an entertaining one coming up real soon.)


  1. Good stuff! It's gross, it's snappy, plenty of material for three pages. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Wonderfully gross. Wonderful first post. I just had a few questions upon reading:
    1. Are Areas 2+ are all at the same elevation? Shit Shaft seems to imply that it is deep and that the stuff at the bottom, including Honeyed Hollow and Worship Chamber, are lower than Workshop and Hive Hole. Is Sacrifice Chamber is at the same level as the Hive Hole, or is it at the level of the bottom of the Shit Shaft?

    2. Despite the chart, it's not really clear how all of these places are connected. For example, no mention of the Shit Shaft is made in the Workshop, or that Workshop is connected to Hive Hole, so scanning at the table I would fail to realize that they are connected. A word or two in each section clearing up the entrances and exits, whether they are obvious or hidden, etc would clear it up.

    3. What is the Silver Pendant worth if the PCs don't return it. Is it magical, or simply valuable?

    4. The only way that PCs seem to gain mutation is via the Broodmother, but that mutation is specifially spelled out, I think, as The Gift.

    5. It mentions that juicing the honey from one the random encounters is eventually fatal. Is that true for PCs as well?

    6. Are "Tools" and "Fancy Items" some specifically Into the Odd thing? I didn't see any chart for those.

    7. Does lowering a PC down to retrieve things from the pit feed it? Does this hurt?

    8. The colorful gun: Is that a per-day usage, as in the 1d6 roll resets, or does it only get 3ish uses ever? I suppose this question applies to the pit too.

    9. Can the Broodmother fly with her wet wings? It seems like there is no way to avoid summoning her, and if players wanted to avoid a fight, it seems like the only option would be to run. How much of an option is this?

    Love the adventure and would happily run it with LotFP.


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