Sunday, October 28, 2018

Roll 3D6 For...

I love the idea of 3D6 tables. It's short, succinct, special, and fits in with the whole OSR motto of "roll 3D6" (not that that matters too much, but I think it's kinda neat), plus it also provides 216 results. In Stained In Blood And Honey, I had an addendum with a 3D6 table, and I plan to have many more addendums like that in the future. Since I'm kinda low on time and energy today, and 3D6 tables don't take too much time to make, here's a couple weird 3D6 tables for your games in case you ever need them. (Also, special thanks to Spwacks for making the HTML coding that makes it possible to generate stuff without going to the doc, you can find Spwacks here)

This first is Abomination Accessories, the table kinda requires you to have a sort of form for the abomination already established. Such as a human, a goblin, or some sort of animal. You get the gist.

The second is Tools For Troglodytes, it is basically what you would probably find goblins using or some other more barbaric peoples. They can be really fun weapons for your players, too.

The third is Ridiculous Rules For Governments, this probably just requires you to have some sort of overbearing government in your game. Or you could apply them at your table, your choice.

Now you can make things like this! (TentaclesandTeeth)
Oh, also an update! For the next week, I'm going to be setting about an hour each day to develop a little mini-campaign (sort of like this or this, they're cute and convenient little things I swear) and hopefully you guys and girls will get to see the result. The current guidelines I want for this thing are:
  • I want it on an island, they're perfect for mini-campaigns because of being so isolated from other places (not to sound too railroad-ey here, not the intention, I just want more exploration and focus on the island rather than its surrounds, islands are great for this isolated content.)
  • I want it to be fucking weird, based on folklore and such (definitely inspired by Aaron Mahnke's Lore podcast, check it out, it's quality content.)
  • I want it to have about 10 to 12 points of interest, this is definitely going to be treated more like a pointcrawl than anything.
  • I want it to have about two or three few page dungeons around the location (sort of like Stained In Blood And Honey), and possibly space for a megadungeon if the GM decides to insert something like that.
  • Maybe a hand-drawn map? Although it's unlikely since I'm not exactly what you call an artist. If I don't have it by the time of release, it's definitely going to happen after release. Otherwise, I'll never be satisfied with myself.
Anyway, that's just what to hopefully expect out of my odd creation, wish me luck, I'm really hopeful as to how this turns out. That's what you can expect from what's coming, it should be out by about next Sunday to Monday. If you guys have any suggestions or tips, blast away, I'll need it.


  1. If you're looking for a Weird Island "mini-campaign", I did something like that a little while ago that you might be interested in: