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The Leviathan Is Coming! (Next Sunday, I Promise)

Oh dear, so I was supposed to have some content. Unluckily for me, the last two weeks were some of the busiest I've had in school quite yet (you wouldn't believe what they put us kiddos through these days). Anyway, this week I should have the mini-campaign that I promised in the last post finished. Luckily, though, I had lots of time to plan, so I should theoretically have something good to offer.

Anyway, this post has some gameable content, trust me. Here is a sneak-peek of a region in my mini-campaign in the making called "The Cliffs". The island itself will have three regions that have the following:
  • 2 minor points of interest that take up about half a page in a two column format. They each have a few tables so there is some added gameplay in those regards, a session might even be able to revolve completely around one minor point of interest if the GM makes it appealing enough and is good at improvising. (Of course, the tables serve as an aid for improv, too.)
  • 1 major point of interest that takes up about two pages. This will typically be a short dungeon delve that the players can do so they can get some good loot and whatnot. In The Cliffs, the major point of interest is The Leviathan, a mutated dead whale that the faction in this region uses as a food source.
  • An encounter table for the region specifically, sort of like this one.
All in all, this should leave each region to have about 3 pages of content, which I think is perfect for light digestion and a quick read. Hell, these three pages are probably enough to kickstart a campaign without added context. The document is readily usable for the GM, and it will be encouraged in the introduction to the setting that they print the entire thing out and scribble what is useful to them, especially circling table results and writing down what players have done in relation to points of interest.

Go explore a dead whale! (Amy Hamilton)

If you need some context as to what the hell is going on here:
  • The Queensmen are not mentioned in this region as a concept but are mentioned in a few entries of a few tables, they will be mentioned in a later region called "The Moor". The basic gist of the Queensmen is that they are people from the mainland who are dead-set on this island being colonized for their pompous asses. Trust me, there is going to be opportunity for plenty of fuckery with factions by the end of this.
  • The island itself is based on the more wild isles off of Scotland. This means that this is not tropical because those kinds of islands are slightly overrated in my opinion (although this can be converted to a tropical setting if need be)
So enjoy the sneak-peek, you will see it in its entirety later if you check out the mini-campaign at the end of the week. I really think that this is a great way to sort out and set up mini-campaigns, when I do make more mini-campaigns I am definitely using this format or something similar (although I shouldn't be thinking too far ahead quite yet) I hope you have a whale of a time with this, see you at the end of the week.


King Content


At the moment I run a very dungeon-crawl-y type of "campaign", if you even want to call it that. The players see, they delve, they conquer (most of the time). It's simple, I love it and everybody has a fun time. Now, prepping full-blown dungeons in a more normal campaign is a bit harder if that isn't your specialty. What I've found especially hard is prepping a small, dungeon-like location when there are only 30 minutes until the session starts. I've recently found a fun little trick/take/whateveryouwanttocallit in making simple dungeons without needing maps, while still having a fun physical representation. Just keep in mind, without maps this is going to be a bit more subjective in description than objective.

1. Grab your nearest D6. On the D6, choose a start and an end on the dice, if you're indecisive just choose 1 as the start and 6 as the end, or roll for both. Just keep in mind that the start and end must be different numbers on the die. The end isn…

A Backpack And A Blade

So, I'm going to be running a session tomorrow, wish me luck. In that time, I've been trying to modify Into The Odd's character creation. Don't get me wrong, I love how quick and concise it is, along with how many fun results it can produce, but Into The Odd assumes an semi-industrial, semi-imperialist steam-punk-ish setting that I am not all that into. I could just make a new character creation table (check out page 5 to see it), but it seems like it'd take quite a bit of time to make a giant list of equipment like that, and it'd be even more taxing to properly organize the entries by ability scores and HP because I have zero sense of game balance. So, here's some alternatives I've drawn out, along with a few examples:

I honestly like this method the best, it's just about as quick as the original Into The Odd's methods. All that is needed for this method is a d20 table of trinkets related to your setting. This method only takes a bit more time …

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I once had a particularly solemn dream, a dream that seems like it would only appear during a fever or restless nights. There was a towering door before me, then came a voice that blew out all the candles. It was the scream of a beast, screeching about how merciless strength is the most powerful virtue of all. I smashed my pulse against my pillow, but I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the beast's words were heeded.

I'm not above joining the bandwagon of creating homebrew settings. It seems like everybody has one, and I have seen some great things come out of them. So, I'm going to create a setting, one with dragons and gods and heroism in the face of suffering, hopefully one that you all and my players will enjoy.

Once the basilisk ascended to godhood, the people of the world thought that this was the end of everything. It had been a good run. Their lives had been uneventful, simple yet sustainable, free of inconvenience from fabled monsters. Once the bas…